Perceptics Announces Launch of New License Plate Recognition Software

The 82ALPR Software combines 40 years of experience reading license plates with cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technology


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – September 19, 2022 – Perceptics, a leader in vehicle identification and license plate recognition technology, announces the unveiling of the new 82ALPR Software that utilizes machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optical character recognition (OCR) techniques to identify license plates that traditional OCR software has historically deemed unreadable. The 82ALPR is boasting read rates of 99.95+% accuracy on over 90% of license plates at current all-electronic tolling deployments. It has particularly improved rates on plates that are dirty or damaged or have complex backgrounds or special characters.

“The new 82ALPR Software has been performing very well for our current customers,” Jake Kissel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said. “We have seen an especially significant increase in the ability to correctly identify license plates from poor-quality images that would have previously required human review.”

Named after the year Perceptics launched its first image processor, the 82ALPR Software was built on four decades of experience reading license plates from all over North America. New algorithms have improved read rates across the board but particularly on specialty plates that have small, stacked characters or complex backgrounds where the characters blend into the background graphics. The software also identifies more nuances in plates that make it easier to differentiate between vehicle types with the same license plate number. Additionally, Perceptics’ extensive plate type network is constantly being updated so a plate can still be identified when one or more of its characters is dirty, damaged, or partially obstructed.

“We know it’s standard practice for tolling authorities to use OCR software from multiple vendors concurrently in order to process images through various sets of algorithms,” Kissel said. “The 82ALPR already includes multiple engines that use different machine learning and artificial intelligence methods that work together to increase the number of correct results while increasing the confidence that each result is correct. It’s an improved way of reading license plates beyond traditional OCR technology.”

The 82ALPR Software is camera agnostic and can be deployed on virtual machines or in the cloud. Tolling authorities interested in seeing how the software can improve their operations are encouraged to contact Perceptics for a free demo.

For additional information on the 82ALPR Software or to schedule a demo, visit or email


About Perceptics

For over 40 years, Perceptics has been developing vehicle identification technology solutions for the electronic toll collection, commercial vehicle enforcement, border security, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) markets. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, all products are designed, manufactured, and engineered in house to guarantee quality control and dependability. Perceptics’ high-performance imaging systems are operating at hundreds of locations across North America, processing hundreds of millions of images every year with unmatched accuracy.