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Identify, Locate and Capture
Wanted vehicles when
time is of the essence.

North America’s most accurate and trusted High Performance LPR is optimized for national & state investigative and intelligence initiatives.  

The search for a suspect or wanted vehicle is not an easy task. Agencies throughout North America are leveraging technologies to be a “force multiplier” to help solve crime and for intelligence purposes. Utilization of highly accurate and reliable License Plate Readers provides law enforcement and intelligence agencies with real-time vehicle data that can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Identification of stolen and wanted vehicles/suspects
  • AMBER & Silver Alerts
  • Interdiction of illegal drug trafficking
  • Other law enforcement or national security purposes

Perceptics LPRs can be deployed at fixed highway and city locations in a gantry mount or roadside post.

Market Applications


License Plate Reader: OCR Results from Image Data
Transaction ID F690581000376C04
State/Province WA
Plate Number 42828P▒
Confidence Factor 96
Manifest/Lookup Yes
Timestamp 6/18/2014 19:01:03

Images captured and data fields provided are configurable to your needs. This table represents a sample of some of the information that our LPRs capture. Contact us for more information.

LPR solutions from Perceptics help your team automatically watch for suspect and wanted vehicles remotely day and night, in any weather.

With the ability to capture vehicle identification data from license plate images and match those IDs to "hot lists" of license plate numbers, LPRs can help an agency almost instantaneously identify the last known location of a suspect or wanted vehicle for immediate interception, or for other investigative purposes. Benefits include:

  • Near real-time automated reads of license plates
  • Superior data quality; guaranteed accuracy, day and night, any weather
  • Reliable data capture, even at highway speeds up to and exceeding 120 mph
  • Enhanced plate ID discrimination via state, province, and country recognition
  • Integrates with other products