82ALPR Software:
Image Processing
With Precision

Based on customer feedback and advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are pleased to introduce our 82ALPR SoftwareThe 82ALPR Software is much more than just OCR--it utilizes machine learning, artificial intelligence and discrete OCR methods to identify plates that may prove challenging to a traditional OCR.

The 82ALPR software builds on 40 years of experience reading the most complex license plates in North America under the most extreme conditions. 

  • Customers have experienced over 99.95% accuracy and a double digit increase in the auto-pass rate when using the 82ALPR Software over their current OCR
  • Flexible processing options on premise or in the cloud make the system highly available and scalable to meet your curent and future needs
  • A vendor-agnostic design allows for seamless integration with your back office system of choice
  • Data security is a Perceptics company value so you can be sure we are employing the latest tools and methods to keep your information safe
  • Flexible license options are available to meet our project needs

 Email us today to find out how you can try the 82ALPR Software for free.