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Cameras Optimized for Machine Vision Technology

Capture crisp, clear images with Perceptics cameras. Our cameras utilize a powerful illuminator that allows you to capture clear, high-quality photos around the clock for more accurate reads. Cameras can be optimized to each unique use case with both color and monochrome cameras, various lenses and filters, and multiple trigger and mounting options to choose from.

Both our fixed and portable camera solutions offer:

  • Clear, optimized images in various weather and light conditions
  • Flexible pairing with Summitt Software modules
  • Proven to last in rugged conditions from the Sahara to the Sierras
  • Unique configuration for each use case

Perceptics Camera Solutions

We offer durable high-performance cameras to optimally capture vehicles for automated recognition.

Fixed Camera

Capture ongoing vehicle images with our reliable fixed camera solutions. Our fixed cameras can capture vehicles traveling at speeds up to 120 MPH (193 KPH) making them ideal for vehicle recognition needs like border security, electronic tolling and roadway safety monitoring. For optimal vehicle recognition, they capture images in high resolution and include a separate strobe or integrated IR LED illuminator to capture nighttime images.
Fixed cameras are available in color or monochrome and have multiple filter and mounting options. Our team will work with you to configure cameras to your specific site geometry and use case. When paired with our Summitt identification solutions, Perceptics fixed cameras will provide you with optimized images for LPR, DOT, Hazmat or Container Code recognition.

Portable Camera

Collect crucial vehicle data when and where you need. Our portable cameras are ideal for smaller communities or arterial roadways and railways where fixed cameras might not exist. Our portable cameras are mounted on a solar-powered trailer and equipped with wireless connectivity and integrated IR LED illumination. These cameras are capable of capturing traffic moving at speeds up to 65 MPH. Pair our portable cameras with Summitt identification software to simplify tasks like commodity flow tracking, vehicle counting and e-screening.

Our cameras are the brawn, but our software is the brains.

Perceptics cameras are designed to be paired with our Summitt identification software. Sure, our cameras do the grunt work of capturing the optimal image, but our software is what makes your job easier. With a range of identification modules from hazmat placard recogition to automatic license place recognition, we can meet almost every vehicle identification need.
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