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Whether you’re looking to streamline electronic tolling, improve commercial vehicle flow, track commodity flow or detect vehicle occupants, we have a solution that will fit your needs. From easy-to-implement software to time-tested hardware, our AI-powered solutions are configurable to fit your unique use case and  always designed with precision in mind.

How does our machine vision technology work?

Simply put, Perceptics’ intelligent software leverages the latest advances in AI technology combined with our decades-old OCR technology to read and detect key elements in images automatically. So how does it work? Our AI engines replicate critical thinking by utilizing decision trees, neural networks, and other cognitive processes to analyze an image for relevant data and assign a confidence score. A final processing stage then aggregates data and confidence scores to produce accurate automated results. We live in an ever-changing world, so our AI technology undergoes regular training to ensure our engines are always equipped with up-to-date information.

Our Solutions

Let’s find the right fit! Explore our full catalog of vehicle recognition solutions below.

Summitt Software

Our roots are in camera hardware, but it’s our software that truly sets us apart. Our vendor-agnostic Summitt Software Suite empowers you to build a software solution that fits your needs with a versatile range of identification and operations software modules—select individual modules for a tailored solution or use Summitt as a comprehensive software suite.

Summit LPR

Accurately identify license plates or improve read rates with the Summitt License Plate Recognition (LPR) software.

Summitt DOT

Better manage your commercial vehicle flow with Summitt DOT reader software.

Summitt Hazmat

Enhance safety and preparedness in your state or community with the Summitt Hazmat placard reader technology.

Summitt Container Code

Precisely track and report shipping container codes with Summitt Container Code reader software.

Summitt Beacon

Maintain a real-time pulse on camera status and maintain image quality by tracking all of your imaging devices in the field with Summitt Beacon.

Summitt IQ

Review 100% of outgoing toll notices to identify invoice errors quicker and more efficiently with Summitt Invoice Quality.

Summitt Fusion

Reduce revenue leakage and minimize manual reviews by using Summitt Fusion on top of an existing ALPR solution.

Camera Hardware

With over four decades of experience in the field, we know what we’re doing when it comes to vehicle recognition cameras. Our cameras are thoughtfully designed to combine form and function, resulting in a final product that is durable, sleek and efficient. Our hardware is meticulously designed and crafted in the USA to ensure high-quality photos that will improve your license plate read accuracy. When paired with our Summitt Software, you’ll pave the way for smart and dependable camera  systems.

Fixed Camera

Capture clearer images with Perceptics fixed cameras comprised of a camera and separate or integrated illumination.

Portable Camera

Collect data when and where you need with camera mounted on a solar-powered trailer.

Vehicle Occupant Detection (VOD)

Perceptics’ VOD systems capture high quality images of passengers in the first and second rows of vehicles. VOD penetrates tented windows to accurately detect the number and location of vehicle occupants.

Vehicle Occupant Counting

Easily count the number of people in a vehicle for HOV tracking or security enforcement with the Vehicle Occupant Counting system.

Driver Safety

Deter distracted and unsafe driving with driver safety cameras that help detect when drivers are wearing seatbelts and staying off of their phones.

Biometric ID

Improve your border security enforcement with our VOD technology that creates facial patches for biometric matching.

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