Summitt Software Suite

Flexible and efficient software solutions for vehicle identification and operations.

Identification Software
Operation Software

Seamless Software Solutions

Say goodbye to frequent and expensive hardware upgrades and hello to seamless vehicle recognition solutions with our Summitt Software Suite. Our innovative software suite enables easy upgrades to your ALPR systems, opening the door to better performance and additional functionalities without breaking the bank!

With Summitt software, you’ll enjoy:

  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Configureable and scalable solution options
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Easy-to-install updates
  • Cloud or on-premise hosting options





Summitt Software Modules

Summitt was designed to allow for tailored solutions. With six unique vehicle identification and operations software modules, you can select the modules that work for you or use Summitt as a comprehensive software suite.

Vehicle Identification

Summitt LPR

Add license plate recognition functionality to new cameras or improve read rates on existing cameras with Summitt LPR. We combine our over 40 years of experience reading license plates with the latest advances in machine learning and deep learning to achieve license plate read rates up to 90% at 99.95% accuracy.

Summitt DOT

Enable automated USDOT Number reads with Summitt DOT. Our DOT reader technology allows you to better manage vehicle flow by
automatically detecting the USDOT, VIN and motor carrier numbers on commercial vehicles.

Summitt Hazmat

Accurately read up to six hazardous materials placards on commercial vehicles or containers with Summitt Hazmat. This software reports the hazard class, division & UN number of hazmat placards to simplify the tracking of hazardous materials moving through a community.

Summitt Container Code

Conveniently track shipping containers with Summitt Container Code. Capture the owner code, serial number and check digits on shipping containers no matter the location, orientation or time of day with Summitt Container Code technology.


Summitt Beacon

Keep a real-time pulse on camera status, catch performance issues quicker and maintain image quality with Summitt Beacon. This software tracks all of your imaging devices in one centralized dashboard and sends automated alerts when there are technical or performance issues.

Summitt IQ

Streamline your QA/QC process and limit your manual notice review with Summitt Invoice Quality (IQ). This software reviews 100% of your outgoing invoices, helping you catch invoice mistakes before they reach your customers’ mailboxes.

Summitt Fusion

Reduce revenue leakage and minimize manual reviews by combining Summitt Fusion with your existing ALPR solution. Summitt Fusion merges the results from two different ALPR engines then compares the results to form the best and highest confidence read.

Looking for a full imaging solution? Pair Summitt with Perceptics cameras.

Our Summitt software solutions are are vendor-agnostic, but for optimal results, we recommend pairing Summitt vehicle identification modules with Perceptics fixed or portable cameras. Our cameras are optimized to capture the best possible image for our optical character recognition technology.
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