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Easily and Reliably Detect Vehicle Occupants

Our Vehicle Occupant Detection (VOD) systems can be utilized in multiple different ways to help ensure safe driving practices and improve security. These systems utilize Perceptics cameras optimized for capturing images through windshields and software that is trained to identify humans. For security reasons, our VOD systems do not include any type of facial recognition or matching technology.

Each of our VOD configurations offers:

  • Clear detection no matter the weather
  • Configurable settings to meet your state and local regulations
  • Optimized polarized lens and illumination to penetrate tinted windows
  • Easy integration with your existing back-office software

VOD Systems

Our VOD solutions help promote safety and security by allowing you to capture clear photos of vehicle passengers that detect unsafe driving, identify carpool or HOV violations, verify occupant identity and more.

Vehicle Occupant Counting

Easily count the number of people in the first and second rows of a vehicle. Our VOD systems can easily be used to count the number of people within a given vehicle. Our cameras are designed to work in all types of weather and penetrate tinted windows to identify the number of occupants in the first and second rows of a vehicle. When paired with an LPR, vehicle occupant counting is a useful tool for HOV lane and work carpool enforcement.

Driver Safety

Detect and deter distracted and unsafe commercial driving practices with Perceptics Driver Safety systems. This turnkey solution captures high-quality images inside the cab of commercial trucks to identify whether drivers are following crucial safety protocols like seatbelt and hands-free laws. We know flexibility is important, so our Driver Safety systems are available as both a manual review or automated AI solution.

Biometric ID

Verify occupant identity and improve safety at borders and other entry points with Perceptics Biometric ID solution. This system provides clear, cropped facial images of occupants, allowing for quick and easy comparison with government-issued IDs. Biometric ID utilizes two cameras to capture four images of each vehicle then automatically detects faces in each image, determines the best facial capture and creates a facial image patch. This system does not provide facial recognition, but it can be integrated with existing biometric matching software.

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