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Named after the year we launched our first image processor, the 82ALPR Software was built on four decades of experience reading license plates from all over North America.

When an LPR software is unable to read a license plate, it can result in very real and serious consequences. A dangerous individual may go unnoticed, an unsafe truck may be allowed to pass through an inspection site, or a tolling agency may rack up substantial costs with numerous attempts to identify and collect a toll on a vehicle. While no software is ever going to be able to automatically identify 100% of vehicle plates, the number of plates that can be identified correctly without human intervention can be dramatically increased.

Perceptics' new 82ALPR software utilizes machine learning, artificial intelligence and optical character recognition (OCR) techniques to identify license plates that traditional OCR software has historically deemed unreadable. 

The 82ALPR is boasting read rates of 99.95+% accuracy on over 90% of license plates at its current all-electronic tolling deployments.

The 82ALPR has an improved ability to locate the license plate in the image and identify the state and plate type by looking at the entire plate – including the context, background graphics and symbols – instead of attempting to recognize individual symbols or characters. This new approach allows the software to correctly identify more plates that are dirty or damaged and is more flexible in reading images taken from cameras with imperfect setups.  It also identifies more nuances in plates that make it easier to differentiate between vehicle types with the same license plate number. 

Other benefits of the new software include:

  • Flexible processing options on virtual machines or in the cloud makes the system highly available and scalable to meet your future needs
  • A vendor-agnostic design allows for seamless integration with your current system
  • Data security is a Perceptics company value so you can be sure we are employing the latest tools and methods to keep your information safe
  • Flexible licensing options are available to meet your project needs

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To learn more about the 82ALPR, contact us at info@perceptics.com.