Customer Service

Customer Service
Always there when
you need us

Seamless support from the team with hands-on expertise.

We want your ongoing operational experience with Perceptics to be just as satisfying as the design and installation phase. That's why we engage the very same folks who know field installation and performance tuning like the backs of their hands to be the ones who answer the phones when you call the Customer Service Help Desk for support. These experts are intimately familiar with our products and the operating environment, and they understand the kinds of challenges you
may be facing. Their field experience allows them to quickly reference service histories, troubleshooting paths, and solutions that have proven effective in the past to keep your operations running smoothly.

Site Simulation for Superior Troubleshooting

Each site's geometry is unique, and imaging performance is influenced by a number of interdependent factors in the installation environment (e.g., distance the strobe light is thrown, camera angles, field of view, controlled vs. freeflow traffic, lane width, etc.). That's why our Customer Service organization is set up to simulate actual customer configurations to help replicate problems so we can quickly troubleshoot and resolve them. Once we verify that the Perceptics software and hardware are performing properly, if any concerns remain, we will then look into any outside product/technology issues that need resolution.

Trained and Empowered for Results

We train our customers, partners, and system integrators, as well as our own team, on hardware and software operation, installation, and troubleshooting, so you have access to an extended network of knowledgeable personnel when you need help.

Equally important, our hands-on service and support teams are empowered to get you the results you need. The Help Desk has direct access to our engineering expertise as well as to other tiers of the organization, if needed, to get answers and implement solutions quickly.

With so many customer touch points—including Perceptics, program managers, field engineers, sales reps, management, Help Desk and installation team members—you can reach out when and where you feel most comfortable.